Beware of Avian Flu… Bird Flu!

                                             FOOD NEWS

AGAIN the Nigerian poultry industry is under threat from the incursion of Avian Influenza, also known as Bird Flu, which has the capability of infecting both birds and humans. All these point to apparent bio-security relaxation and breach, which has resulted in animal health challenges in some poultry farms.

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Nigeria is vast state with diverse ethnic groups and numerous diversified cultures. In the same vein, different food recipes are uncountable and these recipes are blessings to us. One of such delicious soup is the banga soup!  Many states of the country, like Bayelsa, Edo, Rivers and Delta including Anambra,  and Abia states are well known for this kind of soup. The itshekiris in the call this palm nut soup ubey-ekpo, while the urhobos know this soup as amiedi. Others are not however left out. The yorubas know the soup as obe-eyin, while  in some igbo- speaking states like Anambra and Enugu, another version of banga soup with variety, known as ofe-akwu is prepared. But this one is used on rice instead of swallows, like eba, iyan, fufu or amala.

Banga soup which is  made from sauce squeezed from palm fruits, is botanically known as elaeis guineensis. It is widely eaten in Nigeria and even in West Africa as a whole. Infact, in Cameroon, our East African neighbours know it as mbanga soup.

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