Sweet potatoes in Uganda!

Millions of children across Africa are said to be suffering from malnutrition! And  one way to tackle menace is the introduction of  a special type of sweet potato that can deliver an extra vitamin hit which is being developed in Uganda. Please follow and like us:0

Nut that gave Coca cola its names!

CULLED FROM BBC.COM You may have heard that Coca-Cola once contained an ingredient capable of sparking particular devotion in consumers: cocaine. The “coca” in the name referred to the extracts of coca leaf that the drink’s originator, Atlanta chemist John Pemberton, mixed with his sugary syrup. Please follow and like us:0

Eating Chilling Pepper!

I CULLED THIS FROM BBC.COM ENJOY IT! The delicious burn of a really good curry or salsa or Sichuanese hot pot – that fiery goodness that makes you sweat and flush – is for many people one of life’s great pleasures. The search for the most profound scorch is a hobby of sorts, perhaps even…


Gourmet guide on Unilag Radio 103.1FM invites YOU to its annual world food day celebration, food/agric fair and seminar. Date: October  15th, 2016. Please follow and like us:0

Sweet potato Vitamin A research wins World Food Prize!

Four scientists have been reportedly  awarded the 2016 World Food Prize for enriching sweet potatoes, which resulted in health benefits for millions of people. They won the prize for “the single most example of biofortification”, resulting in Vitamin A-boosted crops. This is according to the BBC which noted that since 1986, the World Food Prize…

Guava and Sugarcane in Cuba!

Nowhere in Cuba are the effects of the continuing US economic embargo more apparent than the countryside, where farming cooperatives rely on outdated tools and processing plants can’t obtain spare parts, Will Grant reports. This is according to the BBC which stated that Cubans are renowned for their sweet tooth. Please follow and like us:0