sugar limits and chocolates in Uk!

Sugar limits for everyday foods such as biscuits, chocolate bars and cereals have been published by public health officials in a bid to make UK children more healthy. This is according to  BBC.COM which stated that Public Health England is challenging businesses to cut sugar by 20% by 2020, and by 5% this year. Please…

Rising cost of dietary food in Nigeria!

Some traders have reportedly  attributed the rising cost of dietary foods in Nigeria to the rising awareness among Nigerians about healthy lifestyles.  The traders said most Nigerians were now aware of the importance of dietary foods to the body, hence the rising prices. Please follow and like us:0

Supporting agriculture in Nigeria!

Stakeholders in the agro-allied industry have stressed the need for government to adopt a holistic approach on how to support the entire value chain in agriculture production. The stakeholders who converged  at the just concluded FirstBank Agric Expo seminar, held in Lagos recently, wants  government to encourage industries to be involved in areas such as…

Vegetable oil and obesity!

A teaspoon of oil, measured out with precision, is how Professor Tim Benton remembers his mother preparing items for frying. When he was growing up in the 1960s, vegetable oil was still a precious commodity and used sparingly. Please follow and like us:0

Hot chocolate serving ‘has more salt?

A campaign group,  Consensus Action on Salt and Health  has declared that  a mug of hot chocolate can have more salt than a packet of ready salted crisps. This is according to the BBC which revealed that Consensus Action on Salt and Health found salt targets were exceeded in all but one category of packaged food. Please…