Peanuts and allergy!

A study has discovered that oral treatment for peanut allergy is still effective four years after it was administered. Children were reportedly given a probiotic, with a peanut protein, daily for 18 months. When tested one month later, 80 percent was said to be able to tolerate peanuts without any allergic symptoms. Please follow and like us:0

Asaro Elepo [simple yam porridge]

Asaro elepo is a simple but common porridge recipe relished by the Yoruba in  most south western states in Nigeria . Plenty of palm oil and seasonings are usually used for this food and after preparation, the yam is cooked in a way that it melts – that’s why its called porridge. Please follow and…


Yam is a root vegetable that is rich in carbohydrate and starch. This new yam season is Nigeria, coupled with the rainny season, the avalanche of assorted vegetables makes it possible to prepare this simple meal! Enjoy your meal! Recipe for 5 servings: Please follow and like us:0


Yam is a household name in Nigeria  and it is reffered to as one of the popular staple foods widely consumed by Nigerians. It is a preferred source of carbohydrate and income for millions of people in the country. Please follow and like us:0

Jollof Rice and Exciting Pictures!

Waoh, jollof is very important to any Nigerian! The demand for this jollof rice recipe has been overwhelming, since we celebrated World Jollof Rice Day and  this is why I decided to post this! Enjoy it! Please follow and like us:0

Fortification of foods in Nigeria and the sub-Saharan Africa!

Stakeholders in the food processing sector and development agencies have  reportedly strategized on measures to improve local processing of fortified foods in Nigeria and the sub-Saharan African region. Thiis is following the success achieved in the fortification of some processed food products like salt, cooking oil, cereal flour and wheat flour. Leveraging  on  Strengthening African…