Kenya & Chandarana Foodplus racial row!

              FOOD NEWS A Kenyan supermarket has reportedly defied an order to close after being caught up in a race row. A BBC report revealed that an email leaked on social media showed that the supermarket was launching a marketing campaign to target white shoppers. Please follow and like…


  Good day everyone, welcome to another exciting time on Gourmetguide234! Today we will be talking about the LUNGUDA tribe from Adamawa state. The Lunguda are an ethnic group living in Adamawa and Gombe State in Nigeria. Please follow and like us:0

Food for Sickle Cell Patients!

Recently, precisely the  19th of June, the World celebrated World Sickle Cell Day, a  day set aside to identify with people who live with and manage sickle cell disease. Sickle Cell Disease is an inheritable and  genetic  disease causing red blood cells disorders which has been classified as sickle cell anemia. Please follow and like us:0

WFP and FAO to assist farmers in North East Nigeria!

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) have reportedly launched a joint effort to support conflict-affected people in northeastern Nigeria to increase their food production and reduce dependence on food assistance. Using a ‘twin track’ approach, FAO is said to be providing enough seed and fertilizer to produce…

Russian Cabbage Salad

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another exciting time on! One of us, a seasoned Agric Engineer and foodie, Adeyemi Jeremiah, who is also a  great football lover,  in the spirit of football decided to open our eyes to the beauty of  Russian delicacies, especially owing to the fact that the ongoing 2018 World Cup is…

Russian Cuisine

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another time on! Still in the mood of the ongoing world cup, who watched the match between France and Belgium? Well I didn’t because I was held in traffic, got home and was told Umtiti nodded in the only goal of the game. Please follow and like us:0

Vertical Sack Farming

Hello everyone, welcome to another time on! Owing to the importance of farming in the entire world, the need to know more about Vertical  Sack Farming becomes very imperative. Please follow and like us:0