Kenya & Chandarana Foodplus racial row!

              FOOD NEWS A Kenyan supermarket has reportedly defied an order to close after being caught up in a race row. A BBC report revealed that an email leaked on social media showed that the supermarket was launching a marketing campaign to target white shoppers. Please follow and like…

Russian Cabbage Salad

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another exciting time on! One of us, a seasoned Agric Engineer and foodie, Adeyemi Jeremiah, who is also a  great football lover,  in the spirit of football decided to open our eyes to the beauty of  Russian delicacies, especially owing to the fact that the ongoing 2018 World Cup is…

Everyday Nigerian Food!

BEAN AND PLANTAIN POTTAGE A pottage made of beans and plantains is loved and relished by Nigerians who love pottage a great deal! Eateries, Bukaterias, Cafeterias, Canteens  and restaurants can testify to this! Oh I almost forgot Nigerian mama-puts!   Please follow and like us:0

Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Nigeria!

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has decclared that the continuous and safe use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) can enhance and promote environmental protection and conservation. Please follow and like us:0