GT food fair- meet the CHEFS!

Ronke Edoho! Ronke works as a Chartered Accountant during the day and a food blogger every other time. She is also a Certified Nutritionist and Clinical Weight Loss specialist and the author of the cookbook, Lose It Nigerian. Please follow and like us:0

Shoprite In Nigeria Is 10 Years Old!

Ten years ago, Shoprite, a notable retail outlet in South Africa, found a space to do business in Nigeria. Its  first outlet  was in Lekki, Lagos. I remember that in December 2005 when it started, myself and some members of my family usually go all the way to Lekki every Sunday to check out what…

Food Photography!

a salivating picture of Achara Soup… in my kitchen! Food photography is not very common in Nigeria and Africa can boost of just a few people who can take good food pictures for business! Please follow and like us:0