Onion could help fight Tuberculosis!

 A  study,according to the BBC has suggested that a  type of onion could help the fight against antibiotic resistance in cases of tuberculosis. Researchers believe the antibacterial properties extracted from the Persian shallot could increase the effects of existing antibiotic treatment. Please follow and like us:0

Fortification of foods in Nigeria and the sub-Saharan Africa!

Stakeholders in the food processing sector and development agencies have  reportedly strategized on measures to improve local processing of fortified foods in Nigeria and the sub-Saharan African region. Thiis is following the success achieved in the fortification of some processed food products like salt, cooking oil, cereal flour and wheat flour. Leveraging  on  Strengthening African…

Palm oil as dangerous first aid solution!

This story is all over the social media but it can help some one to be more careful! RECENTLY A BOY DRANK HIS MOTHER’S  PERFUME AND HIS MOTHER GAVE HIM ALMOST A JAR OF PALM OIL., WITH HOPE THAT THIS WILL NEUTRALIZE  THE EFFECT! BUT NO, THIS DIDNOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM! Please follow and like…

Nigeria exports yam!

It is no longer news ! Nigeria has officially  kick-started the export of Nigerian yam to the different  parts of the world . The Nigeria Yam Export was reportedly launched at Lillypond Container Terminal, Ijora, Lagos on Thursday, June 29,  2017, by the minister of agriculture, Audu Ogbeh. Please follow and like us:0

Agriculture in South West Nigeria!

Some experts have  identified  regional economic growth as a major needed tool  that can help  reduce poverty and improve food security in the Southwest. The experts reportedly  spoke at the Southwest Agriculture Summit (SWAS) which was held at the Civic Centre in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital. Please follow and like us:0