Hot water challenge in Indiana, USA!

A weird challenge called ‘Hot Water Challenge’ which involves drinking boiling water, or pouring it on a friend recently left a 15-year-old boy in Indiana, USA, seriously burned. Kyland Clark from Indianapolis said he was left with second-degree burns when a friend pulled a prank on him last week as part of the “Hot Water…

Dano – Guinness Record – World Milk Day!

Friday, June 1 2018, came like any other day! But for Arla, Makers of Dano Milk, the day remains an unforgettable and memorable one, as Dano entered into the Guinness Book of World Records after successfully organizing the longest drinks-pouring relay. Reports say the event which involved 700 Nigerian youths pouring milk drink was organized to…

World Milk Day!

World Milk Day is a day set aside to celebrate the importance of milk  as a global food! It is celebrated every June 1. Milk  is the first food a child  gets immediately after birth and is perhaps the one food a person consumes throughout life. Please follow and like us:0

Coconut oil and its health benefits!

Sales of coconut oil have increased all around the world! This is owing to celebrity endorsements and claims that drinking the stuff will cure everything from bad breath to digestive disorders. Please follow and like us:0

Serving wine in smaller glass!

If your wine was served in a smaller glass, would you drink less of it? That is the question being posed in a study, published in the BMJ, into the growing size of wine glasses. Please follow and like us:0

Palm oil as dangerous first aid solution!

This story is all over the social media but it can help some one to be more careful! RECENTLY A BOY DRANK HIS MOTHER’S  PERFUME AND HIS MOTHER GAVE HIM ALMOST A JAR OF PALM OIL., WITH HOPE THAT THIS WILL NEUTRALIZE  THE EFFECT! BUT NO, THIS DIDNOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM! Please follow and like…