THE LASSA FEVER SAGA IS STILL TRENDING IN EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY OF NIGERIA! The outbreak of Lassa fever in Nigeria in the early part of this year 2016 is reportedly spreading after the death of 41 people in over 12 states. Please follow and like us:0

Food Riddles!

A friend forwarded this  picture to my facebook page and it just dawn on me,  that, moderation is the key for 2016! Eat and take it easy, be patient with your food. Rather than pile up and level this ‘mountain’ of food at one,  eat a little at a time. Have a great year ahead!…

Nigerian Man Divorces Wife Over Food!

A husband in Lagos, NigeriaOlufade Adekoya who became “totally fed up” with his wife because she didn’t prepare his food on time has  reportedly divorced his wife. Adekoya was granted a divorce from his wife of 25 years, Olusola, by a judge in Lagos, Nigeria, after he insisted she made him feel “hungry” on numerous…


I am a round small ball, enveloped in a black thick wall, my inner chamber can be referred to as a white or creamy room. Iam usually relished as a snack with a bitter after taste. What is my name? Please follow and like us:0