UBE, African pear and Oka, maize or corn
Garden eggs,are also known as aubergine
Groundnuts, peanut or monkey nuts
Aguma…. common protein enriched delicacy in Abiriba, Abia State, Nigeria
ESUSU or Asusu is a corn meal delicacy….proudly Nigeria, visit Abiriba, Abia State to relish this delicacy
White onions
It’s time to prepare Banga soup…. check our you tube channel gourmet guide234
Shredded Scent leaves or basil leaves
Made in Nigeria palm nuts or kernel
Shredded water leaves
Getting ready to prepare afang and edikaikong soups
Mixed Coconut Rice
Freshly Diced Pineapples
Nigerian Jollof Rice Garnished With Moi-Moi.
Fried Fish With Ijebu Garri.
Nigeria Suya Garnished With Green Pepper.
Healthy Salad.
Achara Soup.
Ogbono Soup.
Jollof Spag.
Yam Porridge Garnished With Vegetables
Curried Rice Garnished With Cabbage
Ogbono Soup
Fresh Turmeric Sauce
Chicken Sauce Basmati Rice
Garnished Abacha With Fish And Kpomo
Garnished Fried Rice
Egg Sauce
Noodles, Garnished With Veggies.
Fish And Chips.
Rice And Meat Sauce.
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