Much ado about rice in Nigeria

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The price of rice, a staple consumed during festivities in Nigeria, has reportedly risen by over 29.41 percent since July.

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World Food Day 2019

A chat with the innovative entrepreneurs at the event.
A chat with one of the innovative entrepreneurs at the event

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Researchers say protein bars are high in saturated fats

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A new research has disclosed that 77 percent of protein Bars ingredients are high in saturated fat.

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National Stiffing Day

National Stuffing Day

National Stuffing Day is celebrated every November 21st. It is said to be an ideal day.

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National Gingerbread Cookie Day

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On impulse, I decided to check this site, and I discovered that today is an amazing foodicious day!

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Complimentary Cancer Therapy and food

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Cancer patients have been advised to tell their doctors if they are taking herbal products.

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China’s dumpsite is full

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China’s largest dump is said to be already full .

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Stroke and food that help

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This write up also came from the GOURMET GUIDE FOOD CHANNEL/

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Stay away from chilled water

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Eco Friendly Packaging: Asia Sets Example

Supermarkets in Asia are Now Using Banana Leaves Instead of Plastic Packaging to wrap and package most of their fruits and vegetables.

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