Temgburu is a combination of ripe plantain and yam!
 Both are boiled separately and pounded together and eaten with fresh fish pepper soup. The Okrikas are well known for this meal.
 Prepared the Okrika way, this Okrika meal is rich in carbohydrate, starch and protein when combined as meal.
This beautiful meal is normally prepared for a woman who has just been delivered of a bouncing baby, because of her loss of strength and much body nutrients, this meal helps to restore her strength and improve her appetite for food.
It’s a heavy meal and very delightsome to the palate.
Recipe for 2 servings
1 big fresh fish{cat or Tilapia}
3 ripe plantains {boiled}
1 small yam tuber
1 cooking spoon palm oil
Salt and seasoning to taste
1 onion {sliced}
1 bunch basil leaf {shredded}
Ground Pepper soup ingredients
           Prepare the pepper soup by cutting , washing and cooking the fresh fish. Add fresh pepper, onion, seasoning and salt to taste.
Cook the fish until tender. Mix in the pepper soup ingredients and let the basil leaves heat. Simmer for few minutes, remove from heat and set aside.
Meanwhile, peel, slice and wash the yam, begin to boil and cook till tender, do the same to the plantains. Peel, wash and cook alongside the yam until tender. Add salt to taste.
 When tender, remove from heat, transfer to a clean mortar and pound together until very smooth.
Add the palm oil to the smooth paste.
Mould into sizeable balls and dish. Pour the pepper soup over each dish and serve with a spoon.
Cut the paste and scoop some pepper soup alongside into your mouth.
 Hmmmnn! can you imagine the taste!

.Hmmn… The Food Is … Ready  … Walk Into Your Kitchen And prepare this sumptuous meal…!
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