The New Yam Season Is Here Again!  Special Thanks To The Good Soil And Abundant Supply Of Rainfall We Enjoy In Nigeria! New Yams Are Fast Taking Over Our Market Stalls, Just As The Old Ones Are Giving Way To Fresh Ones.
    The Old Yams Are Rotten In Looks And Touch, But At A Time Like This, They Are Usually Very Tasty. Care Must However Be Taken To Ensure That The Ones Chosen Are Firm, Good And Fine.
   Yams Are Rich In Starch And This Meal Is Therefore Rich In Carbohydrate.
   Garden Eggs Too Are Not Left Out, Their White And Green Colours Are Conspicous Enough And They Very Much Affordable.
 Known As Egg Plants, Garden Eggs As Fruits Help To Reduce Body Weight, Thus They Are Ideal For Those Who Want To Lose Weight.
    Also Referred To As Aubergine, These Eggs Are Rich And High In Dietary Fibre, Calorie, And Pottasium But Very Low In Protein.
    Their Fibre Content Help To Reduce Bad Cholesterol, In The Body, There – By Protecting The Heart.
 Also, Their High Fibre And Low Soluble Cabohydrate Content Help To Control Glucose Absorbtion And Thereby Reduce The Risk Of Hypertension.
Garden Eggs Are  Equally Very Good Recommendations For Diabetic Patients.
          Now to our delicacy, Aghara  Or Afufa Is The South Eastern Name For Garden Eggs. They Can Be White Or Green In Colour. Some Of Them Are Usually Bitter And Tasteless When Eaten Raw. But With This Delicacy, You Need Not Mind About This, Because They Will Be Cooked And Blended. 
          Firm, Neat And Tasty  Garden Eggs Are Needed For This Sauce.  
          This Sauce Is Usually Eaten With Cooked, Boiled Yam And This Makes The Meal A Balanced Diet, Knowing Its  Rich In Vital Nutrients Like Carbohydrate, Protein, Vitamims, Fat And Oil  And Others Including Calories.
 Let’s Have A Feel Of This Food!
         Recipe For 4 Servings
1 Tuber Of Yam
2 Sizeable Titus Smoked Fish [Cleaned And Washed]
1 Onion [Diced Or Sliced]
4 Fresh Red Peppers
 Salt And Seasoning To Taste
 1 Cooking Spoon Palm Oil
 13  Garden Eggs [Fresh]
 7  Fresh Tomatoes
Wash And Cut The Yam Into Sizeable Chunks. Tansfer Into A Pot And Bring To Boil. While The Yam Is Cooking, Pour The Garden Eggs Into A Bowl, Wash Them , Cut Off The Stalk And Add To The Cooking Pot Of Yam.  
Add Salt To Taste And Cook Until The Garden Eggs Are Tender. Quickly Drain Off The Vegetables, Allow To Cool For Some Minutes, Cut Into Small Slices And Pour Into A Food Processor Or Blender . Blend Into A Smooth Paste Or Puree . [You can use your mortar if you want a home made taste].  Set Aside.
  Meanwhile, Cook The Yam Until Tender, Adding Salt To Taste. Drain Off The Water And Set Aside. Wash The Pepper And Tomatoes Together And Blend. Using A Saucepan, Pour In The Palm oil, Allow To Bleach For Five Seconds, Add The Onions And The Tomato/Pepper  Mixture, Add The Fish,  Salt To Taste, Seasoning  And Any Other Seasoning Of Your Choice.
 Stir And Add The Garden Eggs And The Crayfish. You Can Choose To Stir Vigorously, This Will Scatter The Fish  Or You Can Also Decide To Shake The Pan Slightly Until The  Entire Sauce  Is Ready. Allow to simmer for few minutes. Stir Into A Deep Bowl And Serve Alongside The Cooked Yam
.Hmmn… The Food Is … Ready  … Walk Into Your Kitchen And prepare this sumptuous meal…!
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