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I came accross this food news for your delight, please read and take note … and even share with others. God bless you!
Internet report opines that food should be regulated like tobacco!
  Sweet cakes
      The food industry should be regulated like the tobacco industry as obesity poses a greater global health risk than cigarettes, say international groups. 
      This is according to a BBC health news report.

      According to the report, Consumers International and the World Obesity Federation are calling for the adoption of more stringent rules. 


...taking these fruits and veggies would definitely help to curb obesity…    

 These could include pictures on food packaging of damage caused by obesity, similar to those on cigarette packets.
      The Food and Drink Federation said the food industry was working to make healthy options for consumers.
 Fish and chips

     The two organisations – CI and WOF – said governments around the world should impose compulsory rules for the food and drink industry.

     They said global deaths due to obesity and being overweight rose from 2.6 million in 2005 to 3.4 million in 2010.
     The new rules could include reducing the levels of salt, saturated fat and sugar in food, improving food served in hospitals and schools, imposing stricter advertising controls, and educating the public about healthy eating.
     Artificial trans-fats should be removed from all food and drink products within five years, said the recommendations.
     Advertising to children, during television programmes such as the X-Factor, must be restricted, said the organisations.

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