AU Adopts Nigeria’s Wallet  Agriculture Strategy
The African Union, AU, has adopted Nigeria’s e-wallet agriculture strategy with a view to ending fertilizer corruption on the continent as African leaders re-focus on deriving highest possible outputs from the sector as a growth-driver in the years ahead.
200412N.Akinwumi-Adesina.jpg - 200412N.Akinwumi-Adesina.jpg
Dr.  Adesina, Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development disclosed this at the Pilot Leadership Forum on the sides of the World Economic Forum which ended in Abuja Friday.

According to him: “AU has now said it will adopt the e-wallet to stop fertilizer corruption in Africa”, he said following high level meetings involving Heads of Governments and Minister of Agriculture at the WEF. He said that reforms in agriculture were inevitable if the sector which provides employment for about 70 per cent of the continent’s population must positively impact on their living standards.
“We cannot continue with the agricultural practices as undertaken by our ancestors which was basically the agriculture of farming with obsolete tools of hoe and cutlass. Agriculture is not equal to suffering. We are transforming agriculture in such a way that we can all see that one can be in agriculture and make money and be rich like a banker.
“We want agriculture that will guarantee high yields from our crops and not just producing and selling primary products.
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