From New York City to Nigeria and New Zealand, fast food workers are to go on strike and protest today to demand higher pay and better working conditions.
     This is according to an internet report on VICE News.

     It is supposed to be seen as a global day of action with unprecedented reach for the industry.
     Workers and labor organizers across the world have united in a campaign that aims to advance workers’ specific demands in each country.
     The strike is considered the biggest fast food strike in America’s history and  in the history  of the world.
   According to the organizing director at Fast Food Forward Kendall Fells, a New York group behind the campaign “Fast food is not only the fastest growing industry in the country, it’s also the lowest paying industry in the country, and it has the broadest gap between what the workers and the CEOs make. 
    The organisers revealed that rallies and sit-ins will equally  take place in 33 countries and 150 cities
    The action is reaching countries in Africa and Southeast Asia, some for the first time, in addition to Europe and the Americas. In some locations, strikes and rallies in solidarity with US workers will continue till tomorrow.
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