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Onions come in different colours – white, red, purple and green..these bulbs are reportedly rich in  calories  little fat.carbohydrates, a nutrient used for fuel in  the body. While protein is also used for energy, it is a secondary source. Also included are fibre,. Onions are a healthy choice for getting more fiber into your diet.  Each serving of this vegetable contributes toward soluble fiber intake. The type of fiber in onions may lower the chances of developing cardiovascular disease, such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure and heart attacks. It  also helps reduce  cholesterol in the body. The vitamin content in  onions helps cognitive and nerve function, vitamin B-6 helps the body manufacture serotonin and make myelin, the layer of fats and proteins that cover your nerves. In terms of minerals, onions may not be the first thing you reach for to increase your calcium intake,  calcium in onions lends critical strength and density to the bones and teeth.  In addition, eating onions may help the body get some minerals.Onions prevent and keep clear the intestines from worms and bad bacteria. Its also said to be high in Vitamin C and  are excellent aphrodisiacs.

 Just slice and eat them raw. You get less of the phytonutrient allicin, a hunger busting ingredient when you cook onions.On the other handthey contain a flavonoid known as quercetin. It has anti inflammatory properties. Total amount of flavonoids can be increased by cooking. Yellow and red onions have more flavonoids than white ones. Sauté or bake onions for five minutes; any longer and the onion will begin to lose nutrients.

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