Month: July 2016

Letter from Africa: Malaria, a bedroom battleground!

Chickens inside a vehicle in Lagos, Nigeria - 2013

Culled from BBC

In our series of letters from African journalists, Ghanaian writer Elizabeth Ohene considers a dilemma over possible malaria prevention.

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Lagos partners Niger State in agriculture!

The Lagos State Government says discussion about the development of agricultural commodity value chain with Niger State aimed at ensuring food security and job creation for the two states and the country has started.

The government stated that the Lagos-Niger partnership, the second of its kind that the state would be entering into under the Governor Akinwunmi Ambode administration, would be directed at boosting the Gross Domestic Product of the two states.

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EWEDU LEAVES,  otherwise known as crain-crain are can-not-do-without  leaves in all South Western Yoruba states.

In days gone by, short sharp brooms were always used to shred the steamed leaves into tiny bits, but today some ‘tush’ looking – sophisticated – brooms are now being used.

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Open defecation in India!

India is said to be  home to the world’s largest number of stunted children and this is owing  to  lack of toilets, dirty water and poor hygiene.

This is according to a new study published on line, which stated that despite high economic growth in recent years, India has more stunted children than Nigeria, Pakistan, China and the Republic of Congo combined, with 48 million under the age of five — about 30 percent of the global total,

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Tackling food waste!

A five-point action plan for tackling food waste at a consumer, business and policy level has been launched by Unilever and communications charity Hubbub.

Developed with the support of WRAP following consultation with 240 organisations and public polling of more than 2,000 households, the ‘Joint Ambition’ to cut food waste is based around five core principles.

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Food poisoning in Ugandan school!

27 pupils of King’s Kid Nursery and Primary School in Soroti district, Uganda  were reportedly  rushed to Soroti hospital on Friday over suspected food poisoning.  Reports say they were rushed to hospital after complaints of stomachaches, vomiting, diarrhea and headaches. According to an internet report, two Primary five pupils said  they developed complications after being served their Thursday supper of beans and posho.

James Peter Odeke, the head teacher of the school, explained that the pupils received emergency treatment from the school nurse and were rushed to Soroti hospital when their condition worsened.He has however dismissed  claims of food poisoning, saying the affected pupils could have been suffering from malaria. However, none of the pupils tested positive for malaria according to reports from Soroti hospital.

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Much ado about genetically modified food!

Justifying  genetically modified organisms as America’s newest weapon of imperialism!

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India’s changing kitchens and modernized food habits!


Forty-five years after it was first published, Ruchira, an Indian cookbook in Marathi language, continues to be a bestseller.

This is according to the BBC, which revealed that readers turn to Ruchira for its consummate coverage of traditional vegetarian dishes of the western Maharashtra state.

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Chinese man and a noodle cartel!

In Shanghai, where you are never far from a good lunch, one man has faced anger and even death threats, by breaking a “treaty” and opening a noodle shop too close to an existing one, as Yvette Tan reports.

This is according to the BBC, which disclosed Xian Guolin used up all his savings and mortgaged his house to open Alilan Beef Noodles on the busy Nanjing Road.

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Anambra State exports vegetables and rice!


Anambra State Governor  Willy Obiano has  declared that the State made headlines as it became the first state in Nigeria to export vegetables (Ugu and Onugbu) valued at $5million to Europe.

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