Day: August 27, 2017

Dry fish vegetable porridge!

This type of porridge is common amongst the South East, South South Nigerians.

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Gourmet Guide on Unilag Radio 103.1FM Unveils Maiden Edition of Food Magazine ‘Gourmet Guide’!

the cake!

Cutting the cake!

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Gourmet Guide on Unilag Radio 103.1FM celebrates World Food DAY 2016 and launches 2nd Edition of Food Magazine!

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Asaro Elepo [simple yam porridge]

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Asaro elepo is a simple but common porridge recipe relished by the Yoruba in  most south western states in Nigeria .

Plenty of palm oil and seasonings are usually used for this food and after preparation, the yam is cooked in a way that it melts – that’s why its called porridge.

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