Month: December 2017

Serving wine in smaller glass!

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If your wine was served in a smaller glass, would you drink less of it?

That is the question being posed in a study, published in the BMJ, into the growing size of wine glasses.

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Recipe For The Festivity: Ofada Rice And Stew

Yes, Rice is usually the most in demand food during the festive periods, its simple, fast to make and every child looks forward to eating rice during Christmas and New year celebrations.

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List of diets to avoid in 2018!


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The British Dietetic Association has reportedly  released a list of diets they say we should steer clear of in the new year, 2018.

Well, this is according to the BBC.

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Egusi in the pot!

A beautiful pot of Egusi soup! [proudly Nigerian]


Egusi is also called unity soup in Nigeria, this is because the entire populace enjoy and delight in this nutritious soup. The difference is only in the method of cookery and eating.

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Recipe For The Festivity: Gbegiri And Amala

We started off the week with a recipe for the Christmas period, and we got notification that the Banga Soup is a family delicacy already enjoyed in some homes. With this in mind, We will introduce you to a different recipe you probably enjoy at your favourite eatery, but have never tried making in the comfort of your home.


Gbegiri is a beans soup that is served  alongside a hot plate of Amala. . ‘Gbegiri’ is a Yoruba word which means ‘beans’.  This soup is a traditional Nigerian delicacy common amongst the Yoruba, especially Oyos. It is a traditional Nigerian recipe that is specific to the Yoruba People

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Recipe For The Festivity: BANGA SOUP

The Festive period is here again and with each Festive period comes a desire to keep things exciting and fresh in the Kitchen. Jollof Rice and Chicken may still be the tradition for such periods but there are extended public holidays leaving the family in dire need of new recipes.

Nigeria is vast state with diverse ethnic groups and numerous diversified cultures. In the same vein, different food recipes are uncountable and these recipes are blessings to us.  One of such delicious soup is the banga soup!  Many states of the country, like Bayelsa, Edo, Rivers and Delta including Anambra,  and Abia states are well known for this kind of soup. The itshekiris in the call this palm nut soup ubey-ekpo, while the urhobos know this soup as amiedi. Others are not however left out. The yorubas know the soup as obe-eyin, while  in some igbo- speaking states like Anambra and Enugu, another version of banga soup with variety, known as ofe-akwu is prepared. But this one is used on rice instead of swallows, like eba, iyan, fufu or amala.

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Smoking and its health implications!

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“Heat-and-not-burn” tobacco products are said to be harmful to health even though they are safer than regular cigarettes.

This is according to UK experts and it is owing to the  fact that the Committee on Toxicity (Cot) looked at the available evidence about the risks of two heat-not-burn products that have recently gone on sale in the UK – IQOS and iFuse.

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5 Kitchen Utensils To Get As Gifts This Christmas

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The Christmas Period comes with a lot of festivity and love. and one of the best part of christmas is getting your loved ones gifts. while clothes and hampers are the first options, they never get as much appreciation as a well thought-out gift for the foodie, mum and chef you know.Related image

Here’s a list of Kitchen utensils you can give to the special mother, Foodie, or Chef this christmas period.

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OPEN BUFFET FESTIVAL is holding a food and games event to celebrate both young and old, and to promote healthy eating habits amongst Nigerians.

Date is Saturday December 16th.

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Ban on smoking in Austria’s bars and restaurants scrapped!

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Plans to totalyl ban smoking in Austria’s bars and restaurants has been scrapped.

This is according to the far-right Freedom Party.

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