2018 kitchen tips!

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Florence Okah-avae is a great foodie on the GOURMET GUIDE FOOD CHANNEL ON WHATSAPP, she shared the following kitchen yips with the house! This is however the edited version!

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Good evening great foodies in the house?It’s good to be with you this wonderful evening. I’m Florence Okah-Avae.. A foodie?!

Today I want to give us a few KITCHEN TIPS. It will be on both safety and culinary.
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The kitchen as we know is where we prepare and Cook our meals either in the Home,  restaurants  or hotels.


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  • The number one thing is that that environment must be kept clean.
  • You should have the right cooking utensils.
  • These include Pots, spoons ,bowls, knives, mortar/pestles, blenders amongst others .
  • Most importantly is you must have food to Cook??

    Now ,let’s look at safety tips in the kitchen

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  • Depending on what you use, that is gas, kerosene stove, electric cooker etc –  If you use gas., always make sure it’s turned off from the knob after use.

  • Electric cookers must be switch off from the Wall.

  • And kerosene stove must also be put off after use.
  • All this is  to prevent fire ,and also save energy and money.
  • Use dry napkins and oven mitts to remove pots ,plates and all hot utensils form the stoves.
  • Never use wet napkins to avoid burns.
  • Cover your pots when bleaching oil, this is to avoid spills , fuming and choking.
  •  In case of fire.use wet and thick cloth over the cookers to dampen and eventually quench the fire.
  • For those who use kerosene stove, always put off by lowering the wick.
  • Avoid quenching with water as is commonly done.This could cause fire.
  • Always mop the kitchen floor when there is spill from water, soup etc to avoid trips and accidents.
  •  Make sure you keep napkins and cloths and rags away from fire.

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  • When cooking with kids, put sharp utensils and matches away from their reach and supervise their use.
  • Also remove kerosene close to water and if swallowed give plenty of water and seek medical attention.

        Culinary Tips

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  •  Now let’s look at some culinary tip’s and  if there is time, we will give more on safety?!
  • Cook most foods with little water so that the nutrients are better preserved.
  • These include Meat, fish, chickens. Yam and  plantains amongst others.
  • Exceptions include beans and corn as well as other must-cook-meals or food products.
  • Cook all veggies on low heat.
  • Fry potatoes, plantains, and beans cake – akara etc on moderate heat.
  • Allow all frozen foods to thaw before cooking and cooking must also be on low heat.
  • Foods cooked on low heat are better cooked and tender and this saves time and energy.
  • Don’t cover ogbono soup[ Nigerian draw soup] while cooking or still hot so that it doesn’t get watery.
  • Put foods away from rats and insects, remember lassa fever!
  • Cover your food while cooking unless you are there from start to finish.
  • For pounded yam, always cut  the yams into small bits and pieces so that it cooks faster and saves time.
  • If your soup is too thick, add slices of Onion to lighten it.
  • If your soup goes a bit sour,  use a little potash to liven it it but if it is too bad,  throw  it away.
  • If you have a big freezer,  put the likes of semovita, garri, beans, rice, flour and others in the freezer to help  keep them  fresh and if there are weevils, they  will  all die.
  • Always fry with less oil
  • Fry  your mackerel or Titus fish without oil.
  • Cut them up, put in the frying  pan, cover and fry  with its own oil.
  • Moi – moi are better cooked with leaves.

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  • Left over yams can be turned to fried yam the next time so long as they are refrigerated.
  • When cooking with crayfish, use less SALT in your food because crayfish already contains some salt .
  • When your children or kids soak garri without sugar and could not finish, you can use for EBA. No wastes?
  • For healthy living and  eating, use less of oil and fat.
  • Do more of grilling rather than frying.
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