Month: April 2018

Eating Suya Meat in Nigeria!

A Facebook user recently exposed some Suya Suya sellers producing suya under a very deplorable condition where Suya meats are being prepared in the most unhygienic manner in which the environment looks dirty and beyond unhygienic.

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Platypus milk!


Platypus milk could help combat one of humanity’s looming problems, which is antibiotic resistance.

Scientists say the weird creatures have a duck’s beak, venomous feet and are one of only two mammals able to lay eggs.

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Food Exhibition in Africa!

Image result for Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions, organisers of the Food West Africa exhibitions

Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions, organisers of the Food West Africa exhibitions, has concluded plans to holds the third edition of its yearly fair with a target to attract over 4,400 industry professionals from 25 countries.

The fair scheduled for May 8 to 10, 2018 is expected to promote supply chain partnership, along with imports and exports of food items.

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For women only – Food for healthy breasts!

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Many women are very concerned about the size of their boobs and how and what to do to keep them healthy! I n the process of looking for solutions, many resort to surgeries and the use of implants .

But you as a woman, have you ever considered the role your food and diet play in the beauty of your breast? If NOT, FROM TODAY, JUST GO AHEAD AND NOTE THE ROLE OF THE FOLLOWING FOOD IN YOUR BODY!

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