Month: May 2018

Social media stars encourages children to eat more unhealthy snacks!

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Social media stars might be encouraging children to eat more unhealthy snacks, a new study suggests.

It found children who saw popular vloggers consuming sugary and fatty snacks went on to eat 26% more calories than those who did not.

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One million French smokers quit in a year amid anti-smoking measures!

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France has seen a sharp fall in the number of people smoking daily, with one million fewer lighting up from 2016-2017, a survey suggests.

Such a drop has not been seen in a decade, according to Public Health France, which carried out the study.

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Crack down on plastic bottles, cups, bags and cutlery

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Plastic bottles, cups, bags and cutlery are to be phased out in Parliament, with MPs, peers and visitors encouraged to try reusable alternatives.

This is according to the BBC which noted that the crackdown on single-use plastic will see 125,000 plastic water bottles removed from sale immediately.

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The first and largest Rice City in Africa!


Governor Ben Ayade of Cross Rivers State  recently pushed for test run of the state’s Rice City project which is estimated over N70 billion yearly.

Situated at the Ayade industrial park, Calabar, the state capital, the Rice City is said to be  the largest and first of its kind in Africa.

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European Union proposes ban on single-use plastics!

Image result for The European Union is proposing a ban on single-use plastics to help protect marine life.

The European Union is proposing a ban on single-use plastics to help protect marine life!  The proposals are aimed at outlawing many commonplace plastic items including straws, cotton buds, cutlery, balloon sticks and drink stirrers. The governing body also wants almost all plastic bottles to be collected for recycling by 2025.

The plan will need to be approved by the 28 member states and the European Parliament before it can be passed. The EU estimates that the ban will help to do the following  –  Avoid 3.4 million tonnes of carbon emissions, prevent damage to the environment that would cost the equivalent of €22bn (£19.2bn) by 2030 and save consumers €6.5bn.

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Hypertension as the most communicable disease in Nigeria!

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Some medical experts have identified hypertension as the most common non-communicable disease in Nigeria and called for more awareness of the need for checkups, healthy diet and lifestyle to guard against it. The experts spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) as Nigeria recently  joined  other nations to celebrate the 2018 World Hypertension Day (WHD).

WHD is a day ma[[ed out  to promote awareness of hypertension and encourage people to prevent and control this silent killer, referred to many as the modern epidemic.

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Fear not – eat plenty eggs!

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A study of nearly half a million people in China now suggest that  a daily egg may reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes.

According to the BBC, experts stress that any egg consumption needs to be part of healthy lifestyle to be beneficial. But fears that eating too many eggs can be bad appear to have been laid to rest.

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Royal Wedding – Food that the guests ate!

Guests at the couple's lunchtime reception will reportedly be served
It is no longer news that Harry and Meghan are happily married! Hmmmn, May 19 will always remain a memorable and unforgettable day!  Henceforth, they will now be addressed as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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Biggest rice seedling factory in Africa!

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Cross Rivers State Governor, Ben Ayade has expressed optimistm at the state’s economy saying that it would soon record a giant leap with the expected generation of over N70 billion yearly from the state’s Rice City project.

He described the Cross Rivers Rice City, as the largest and first of its kind in Africa.

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Eating more in the company of others!

Image result for Eat with a friend instead of alone and you might find that you can’t say no to dessert. Why does dining with friends affect our appetite?

How well do you remember the dinners you enjoyed with your friends, the ones where you left feeling as if you had eaten more than you could manage?Or in the opposite direction, the meals where you didn’t order a pudding, because nobody else did?

Perhaps you can blame social cues for eating too much or too little. Several decades of research shows that we eat more in company, and we follow what and how others eat.

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