World Sickle Cell Day!

Today 19th of June is World Sickle Cell Day! It is a day celebrated all over the world  in which  people  come to terms with the  every fact about Sickle cell disease. The day is used to  create awareness about the disease as well as the proper cure of the  Disease. Please follow and like us:0

Lets visit Russia!

The Russia World Cup 2018 has finally kicked off in Russia! The tournament kicked off on  June 14  and will  run through  the final match on  July 15 2018. The country was awarded the  hosting rights on  December 2 2010. Please follow and like us:0

Dano – Guinness Record – World Milk Day!

Friday, June 1 2018, came like any other day! But for Arla, Makers of Dano Milk, the day remains an unforgettable and memorable one, as Dano entered into the Guinness Book of World Records after successfully organizing the longest drinks-pouring relay. Reports say the event which involved 700 Nigerian youths pouring milk drink was organized to…

World Milk Day!

World Milk Day is a day set aside to celebrate the importance of milk  as a global food! It is celebrated every June 1. Milk  is the first food a child  gets immediately after birth and is perhaps the one food a person consumes throughout life. Please follow and like us:0

Eating and timing!

We’ve been warned repeatedly about the health perils of being out-of-sync with our body clocks. Are we eating in the right way for these circadian rhythms, and could changing our mealtime habits boost our health and help us lose weight. What did you eat this morning for breakfast or lunch? Please follow and like us:0