Month: October 2018

Fruit fly!

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A BBC report has revealed that the humble fruit fly could help scientists unlock the secrets of Alzheimer’s disease.

A new £20m Dementia Research Institute at Cardiff University includes a fly laboratory.

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Chilli pepper challenge!

Image result for Chilli challenge spices up Georgian presidential vote

It takes guts to eat raw chilli. But in Georgia it has become a matter of political conviction.

Opponents of one of the top presidential candidates, Salome Zurabishvili, have signed up for a “chilli pepper challenge” on social media to protest her candidacy in elections on Sunday.

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The Chinese again?

  • The stunt pulled by that ‘[ … in fact I don’t know what to say]’ nation was plastic rice production. And, here is another shocking one – drugs made with human remains.  Coming into my own Country!
  • Hmm! Permit me to digest the double whammy judiciously… Because I can do something really really… I rest my case.
  • [Cooling down…]
  • OK let me explain ‘wella’.  The traditional Chinese medicine contains 35 human drugs, including organs, bodily fluids, and excreta. Wonderful! So moving on, the Chinese history of medicine  tells us that drugs are also made from the mummy of a holy man who only ate honey during his last days and whose corpse had been immersed in honey for 100 years. kě zēng!!

“The South Korean Customs Service, on 30’” September, 2018, revealed that it had seized two thousand, seven hundred and fifty-one (2,751) Chinese drugs/capsules, containing human remains from foetuses, infants and flesh imported into the country by some Chinese nationals,” according to

Also, warnings issued to the Nigeria Intelligence Agency(NIA) by the Koreans revealed that the capsules were filled with powdered flesh from dead babies and contain millions of viruses which could prove harmful to human health. However, it should not be allowed for usage.

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