US Supreme Court rules on child slavery on African farms

The US Supreme Court has ruled that food giants Nestlé USA and Cargill cannot be sued for child slavery on African farms from where they buy their cocoa. Six African men alleged that they were trafficked from Mali and forced to work on cocoa farms in Ivory Coast. The group say both companies perpetuated that […]

Rabbit urine in Nigerian farms

The National Agricultural Land Development Authority says it has harvested over 30,000 litres of rabbit urine and 1,000 kilograms of rabbit droppings for fertilizer production in the country.  Farmers using rabbit urine in the production save on pesticide and fertilizer costs as the liquid is said to offer major nutrients required by crops.  Organic fertilizer […]

Nigeria set to host 5th UN World Gastronomy Day

Nigeria is set to host the fifth United Nations Global Observance of Sustainable Gastronomy Day (World Gastronomy Day) organised by the National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism (NIHOTOUR). The spokesman of the institute, Ahmed Mohammed Sule, while speaking in Abuja disclosed that the event will hold in the Federal Capital Territory. Abuja. Tagged “Nations, Foods, […]

Nigeria and inflation

The World Bank has declared that food prices have sent millions of Nigerian citizens into poverty. This is following a new report that spectated the nation’s high inflation rate. The Bank says high inflation driven by soaring food prices has pushed millions of Nigerians into poverty and this is because the World Poverty Clock has […]

Food facts about onions

The Onion Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria (OPMAN) recently threatened to cut off the supply of these bulby vegetables to Southern Nigeria. They say if the federal government of the nation fails to respond to the association’s demands of dully compensating some of the farmers affected by the protests across the nation, onions would […]

Onion protest in Nigeria

The Onion Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria (OPMAN) has said it will cut off supply to entire southern Nigeria beginning from Monday, June 7, if the Federal government fails to respond to the association’s demands. Addressing journalists after the association’s meeting in Sokoto at the weekend, OPMAN’s President, Aliyu Isa, stated that members of […]

Ivory Coast and cocoa

Ivory Coast is known for  production of million tons of cocoa beans and these beans have traveled to different parts of the world to become chocolates, brownies, coco powder, desserts, smoothies, chocolate bread, chocolate and so many others. Reports say the country is expected to produce 2.15 million tons in 2020/2021. The leading cocoa-producing is of course the […]

Rise in global food prices

Global food prices have reportedly jumped at their fastest monthly rate in over a decade. This is according to the United Nations The UN uses a broad index of global food costs, which have also climbed for 12 months in a row. Reports say suppliers have been affected by disruptions to production, labour and transport, […]

Happy World Milk Day

In 2001, World Milk Day was established by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations to recognize the importance of milk as a global food, and to celebrate the dairy sector. World Milk Day is a day the world remembers to celebrate the importance of milk as a global food! It is celebrated […]

South Korea and food waste

South Koreans are known to have generated more than 130 kilogram of food waste each year. This is according to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. 26 Feb 2021. I t noted that by comparison, per capita,  food waste in Europe and North America is 95 to 115 kilogram a year, In South Korea, you’re required by law to separate […]