Compliment of the seasoning! From now till the first quarter of 2015, this phrase will continue to be used. In a couple of days, the smell of Christmas will be inevitable. While thinking about what to cook, it dawned on me that cooking will not be complete without some herbs, spices and seasonings! This is because the availability of these food accompaniments help to boost our cooking in the kitchen! 

The list is endless, but I will dwell on the most important ones.

Hmmn, talking about the most important seasoning in he kitchen, you and I know this to be SALT.

 As essential as salt is in the kitchen, let it not be too much or the food will lose it good taste. 


This is a pungent flavor. Even though the whole leaf is used but  it be removed before serving. The leaves aRE  Good in Jollof rice and othevegetable dishes, fish and seafood, stews and pickles.
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