5 Kitchen Utensils To Get As Gifts This Christmas

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The Christmas Period comes with a lot of festivity and love. and one of the best part of christmas is getting your loved ones gifts. while clothes and hampers are the first options, they never get as much appreciation as a well thought-out gift for the foodie, mum and chef you know.Related image

Here’s a list of Kitchen utensils you can give to the special mother, Foodie, or Chef this christmas period.

1 Juice-Maker:

The average Nigerian home does not posses a Juicer/grinder though its an essential accessory for your kitchen. It is a long time worthy investment for your kitchen and even if you own a quality juicer/grinder it may last for two generations or more. Packed energy drinks and fruit juices contain lots of harmful components and added flavors.Image result for juice maker

But what can you do if you don’t have a gadget for extracting juices from fruits? A juice maker increases your passion for fruit juice and also helps you in exploring your world of cooking.

2. A Toaster:

Who will not love to take bread toasters with butter and a huge cup of coffee in breakfast?

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Spend your earnings to buy a quality toaster and enjoy bread toaster with extra butter every morning. Enjoy your morning meals with a toaster. Skipping your breakfast always is not a good idea and it can cause some serious health problems and bread can get tiring on some occasion, so how about you give that special loved one the option to spice up their bread for breakfast with a toaster.

3. Grater:-

Not the most expensive gifts in the market, but Graters are very simple tools yet very useful in the kitchen which need to be changed from time to time. Use large holes on it to grate your carrots when you want to make the Nigerian Salad. Use the tiny holes to grate your orange peels when you need just the flavour from them.Image result for grater 

This kitchen tool is a must for grating nutmegs, ginger and garlic a cook will appreciate this always.

4. Clock

We all know that timing is a very important aspect of cooking. Some people even have a programmable timer so they can get the cooking times perfectly right.Image result for kitchen clock

It is a good habit to time each stage of your cooking and subsequently the total time it takes to cook a particular recipe. And there is no better tool with which to do that than a simple kitchen clock. This will serve very well for cooks who look to deep-fry, bake, and cook meals for specific time-frame.

5. New Set Of Knives and Pots:

The importance of a new set of knives and pots is probably downplayed a lot, but pots and knives are liable to rust every now and then, which are risky to for cooking, getting a set of new design knives and pots may be the perfect fit to light-up your loved one’s kitchen this Christmas.

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The festive Period is synonymous with all sorts of delicacies and recipes, surprising your Mum, sister, wife, or male cook with a new utensil for their kitchen may turn out to be their best christmas present this festive period.

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