6 arrested for eating monkey

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Six men have been arrested in Vietnam for killing and eating an endangered monkey and live-streaming it on social media.

According to the BBC, the men, aged 35-59, filmed themselves eating a langur monkey in November and streamed the video on Facebook.

Police say the men confessed to violating wildlife protection laws.

Vietnamese langur monkeys are one of the world’s most endangered primate species, living only in the north.

In a statement, police added that one of the men bought the monkey from a hunter for 1.1 million dong (£38; $48).

Vietnam is currently home to plenty of other endangered species, including the Christmas Island frigatebird and the Siamese crocodile.

Trafficking and consumption of rare and endangered animals is a lucrative and widespread practice in the country.

Many species are used for cooking whilst others have their body parts sold for medicine.

While local and international conservation laws are in place, critics say they are not always properly enforced in Vietnam.

In 2015, authorities were criticised for selling 42 pangolins to local restaurants after they were seized from poachers.

The head of Bac Ninh’s Forest Management Department in eastern Vietnam,
Le Van Minh, has however disclosed that they had dealt with the scaly ant-eaters in accordance with the law.

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