Esusu and Ofe Ugbogoro (Okra and pumpkin soup) (Recipe for 3 servings)

• 1 bunch pumpkin (ugbogoro)
• 3 cups okra (chopped)
• 2 cooking spoons palm oil
• 1 onion, sliced
• 3 tablespoons ground crayfish
• 4 fresh peppers (crushed)
• 4 pieces mangala fish
• 1 kilogramme assorted meat
• 1 stockfish
• Salt and seasoning to taste

   Wash the pumpkin in salted water and shred, set aside and cook the meat, fish and stockfish with salt and seasoning to taste. When tender, add the palm oil, crayfish, and stir until the mixture is thoroughly mixed. Add the peppers and onions before adding the okra and the pumpkin leave. Stir and serve with cornmeal wrapped in leave. You know what I mean? Esusu, of course

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