Potato beans porridge              

IT’S already a dampening season.  Potatoes combined with beans can make you a very delicious porridge meal, although most people are used to yam.

What? Potatoes combined with beans?  How on earth? Well, a trial would convince you. Either the Irish or sweet potato would do, but I suggest you use the sweet type. After all, large potatoes are now in season, special thanks to the rains!

  Potatoes are nature’s energy giver. They easily replace essential vitamins like vitamin A, B and C. Other minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium as well as value protein and carbohydrate can be found in potatoes.

They are also rich in starch and saccharin sugar (especially the sweet ones), a good combination with beans can be an enjoyable, full-blown balanced diet.
Recipe for 4 servings
4 cups of beans (brown or white)
6 large potatoes (sweet)
1 whole ice or smoked fish
3 cooking spoons of ground crayfish
4 fresh pepper (blended)
1 big onion (sliced)
2 cooking spoons of palm oil
 Salt and seasoning to taste
Select and wash the beans, pour into a sizeable pot and boil until tender. Peel, and wash the potatoes and add to the tender beans cut, wash and add the fish to the pot. Add enough salt and seasoning to taste, including the onion.
 Allow to cook until the potatoes are almost tender and add the palm oil, pepper and crayfish. Do not stir, just cover, simmer and leave to cook until the potatoes are tender.
    Stir thoroughly; add any other ingredient you want. Please make sure you do not remove from heat until the oil is properly cooked and dissolves into the porridge. Serve as beans porridge on cold chilly day as either breakfast or lunch!
   This meal is also very ideal for any growing child; the sugar content in the potatoes will compel any child to eat to his or her fill. So walk into your kitchen and use those potatoes and beans for this sumptuous delicacy.
 Hmmm… Food is ready … walk into your kitchen and prepare this sumptuous meal…!

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