Adalu Epo [Corn and beans delicacy]

Adalu Epo is a proudly Nigerian delicacy that tells the Nigerian food story to a global audience. It is a blend of beans and corn mixture.

The blend of the edible beans can range from honey beans to white and the corn can be fresh, yellow or white, depending on what you can lay your hands on.

The protein and carb as well as oil-enriched delicacy runs through Ogun, Oyo and other Southwestern States of Nigeria.

But today, Adalu is now considered a unity delight, that can be found across restaurants and hotels and even a continental and intercontinental delicacy.

This delicacy consists of palm oil and other fat-enriched nutrients and it is a particular meal that brings pleasure.

The rains are beginning to come and fresh corn, also known as maize has returned to our food markets.

Let’s use this opportunity to prepare sumptuous beans and corn porridge.

It is important to note that cutting down on fried food will help us live healthy life. You don’t necessarily have to fry the palm oil for the delicacy, the best is to pour the oil over the meal, it is better to eat healthy and live well.

Adalu is usually prepared with either fresh or old corn and the meal is best enjoyed when the maize used is very tender,  with enough palm oil fresh or smoked fish and crayfish.

Adalu  Epo as a meal can be eaten as lunch, it can also be used to entertain a first-time visitor but it may not be too ideal for dinner because it takes time to digest.

Recipe for 4 servings:                    

3 cups fresh corn

3 cups beans

1 large smoked fish (cleaned)

1 onion (chopped)

1 small bunch of scent leaf [shredded]

4 fresh peppers (crushed)

1 cooking spoon of palm oil

Salt and seasoning to taste

4 tablespoons ground crayfish


  • Wash and bring the corn to a boil in salted water.
  • When half cooked and a bit pulpy, add the washed beans.
  • Cook until both are very tender.
  • Add the chopped onion, pepper, salt,  fish and crayfish as well as other ingredients.
  • Do not stir. Just add the palm oil and cover the pot.
  • Allow it to cook until the oil changes colour and circulates around the food and the colour of the oil changes from red to orange colour.
  • Uncover the pot, and use a wooden stick to stir the food thoroughly.
  • Taste for salt and add more water if the meal is too thick.
  • Add the washed and shredded vegetables
  • Stir and simmer for 60 seconds and serve hot on a cool day.

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