Afro Asian Restaurant Opens in Lagos

An Afro-Asian restaurant in Lagos named “Anchor Restaurant” has opened its doors to customers.

The brain behind the Anchor Restaurant, Mohan Kaki, disclosed that the restaurant is meant to cater for the needs of Africans, Asians and individuals from other continents.

He revealed that the restaurant is decorated in African designs to create the right ambience for individuals who would always wish to unwind and take unique meals.

His words “We have available here, Nigerian local cuisines like Edikaing Ikong, Gbegiri, Efo-riro, Okro, Oha, White soup, Ground-nut soup, Eba, Pounded yam and all. We also have continental cuisines as well as cuisines for the Southern Indians who love it hot and spicy and the Northern Indians who love it creamier.”

He continued “We also offer an exclusive seafood menu, our prices are affordable and before the end of next year, I hope to have established up to six branches here in Lagos,” he said.

Kaki however added that this was the fifth restaurant he had established in Nigeria. He said four others are in Abeokuta and Ibadan.

He said he had Tamberma Restaurants in Oyo and Ogun states, named after Togolese language and had decided to give the restaurant in Lagos a different name to replicate the coastal area where it is situated.

Meanwhile, the Consul General of India in Lagos, Chandramouli Kern, says Indians have been recognised as the biggest investors in Nigeria.

This according to him comes with over 27 million dollar cumulative investment and no fewer than 200 companies.

Kern said this on Sunday while declaring his address at the opening of the Anchor Restaurant.

His words, “This is of great pride to us as the Indian community in Nigeria. I am happy that we are successful in Nigeria; we should ensure this success is sustained. We are contributing significantly to engaging the Nigerian youths meaningfully in the area of employment because it was recently declared that Indians in Nigeria are the second biggest employer after the Federal Government,” he said.

Kern therefore commended the founder of the restaurant for investing in the hospitality industry in Nigeria.

He also encouraged the public to visit the restaurant which stands to offer African, Asian and continental cuisines adding that the ambience of the restaurant was such that it would woo visitors.

His words, “I congratulate you for opening this restaurant, the ambience is beautiful and welcoming, beautifully decorated and painted blue, all signify the coastal area here.

“I wish you goodluck and I hope it will be a fruitful venture for us all. “I encourage everyone to visit this place, it offers all forms of cuisines and drinks cutting across nations,” he said.

In the same vein, the Head of Chancery in Lagos, said, “I congratulate the founder of this restaurant. I believe this venture will be successful and I wish you all the best.”

A friend of the founder, Mr Sanjay Srivastava, congratulated the founder for delving into the hospitality industry and he encouraged him to do more.

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