Samaab Global Farms!

…MD/CEO Samaab Global Farms at the recent official opening ceremony of Shoprite Festac… Samaab Smoked Fish was however on Display at the venue!


Mr Bajegbo Olusegun is a Fish and Plantain Farmer who has a great passion to impact lives by urging people from all works of life to embrace Agriculture.


Bajegbo is the CEO of Samaab Global Farms, which is into production of Smoked Fish in large quantities.

These packaged delicacies are can be used as commemorative gift items . In fact, most times pictures of the celebrants accompany these products. Either for Birthdays, Burials, Naming Ceremonies, House Warmings, Gift Items, Festival Gifts, Etc Samaa Global Farms is good to go.

For bookings feel free to call this office number  01-3428628 or 08052527765, 08091612485 or visit


INSERT: About 1500 units of Plantain Suckers being gathered for planting  courtesy of  Samaab Global Farm


INSERT: 120 bundles of Cassava Stems fortified with Vitamin A also ready for plantation courtesy of  Samaab Global Farm


INSERT: This is one of the lucky trainee in the farm trying to record and to take photographs…….. Courtesy of Unilag Radio Program on Agriculture. Its good to be a farmer.


INSERT: Production of  about 800kg Smoked Fish.

It is equally pertinent to note that Samaab global farms are into agricultural farm plantation, franchising. Management etc. Flexible repayment plans is available with down payment of 50% for an acre of freehold land. For more information, call *234 8052527765.

This is what he has to say ” smoked fish and pond management is as good as Oil business? I am a farmer and I am proud to be addressed as such”.