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Indian farmers protest

Indian Farmers: Importance of Farmers to The Nation

Indian farmers have said they are ending a year of mass protests a week after the government agreed to abandon controversial agricultural reforms.

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Pork recalled owing to listeria

This Recalled Pork Could Be In Your Fridge Right Now, USDA Says — Eat This  Not That

A recall on 17 pork products has been issued by Alexander & Hornung on Sunday after some of their products tested positive for listeria monocytogenes.

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New Zealand to ban sale of tobacco

How Tobacco Companies Contest the Scientific Consensus on Low-Tar Cigarettes  - The Atlantic

New Zealand is set to ban the sale of tobacco to its next generation, in a bid to eventually phase out smoking.

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How to make Yuletide Banga Soup

The yuletide season is upon us again. Its a time when family and friends meet to celebrate different Holidays, ranging from Christmas to Boxing Day, New Year and several holidays.

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Ban of Ugandan local delicacy ‘Nsenene’

Nsenene and White Ants Business to be regulated by UNBS. - Western Uganda's  Biggest radio.

Uganda’s national carrier has banned the sale of a local grasshopper delicacy onboard a flight after an incident over the weekend.

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Turtle meat poisoning in Tanzania

Meat Turtles* *Contain no actual turtle meat | Turtle burger, Recipes,  Cooking

Seven people have died and dozens more are said to be in hospital after eating poisonous turtle meat in Tanzania’s semi-autonomous region of Zanzibar.

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Wood Buffalo Food Bank Association

Wood Buffalo Food Bank – Fort McMurray

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Delta Government to gazette on open grazing law

Miyetti Allah Appeals To 25 LGA's In Delta For 30,000sqm Of Land For Cattle  Grazing | The Recorder Online News

Delta State Government in Nigeria says it will soon come up with a gazette on open grazing law.

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Honeywell Flour Mill merges with FMN

BREAKING: Flour Mills, Honeywell Flour merge in N80b deal
.Photo credit – The Nation Newspaper

Honeywell Group Limited (HGL) and Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (FMN) have announced the signing of an agreement that will see them combine FMN and Honeywell Flour Mills Plc.

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Closure of Oyingbo Market

Traders lament over Oyingbo market closure | Pulse Nigeria

Many of food traders at Oyingbo market, downtown Lagos, Nigeria have raised their voices against the prolonged closure of the market by Folashade Tinubu-Ojo, leader of markets association in Lagos. 

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