Beans and Garri -the Nigerian way!


In Nigeria , beans and garri is a commion phenomenon, especially in Yoruba land. Made from cassava, the best of the garri for enjoying protein enriched beans is known as Ijebu Garri. It is usually smooth and sour in the mouth. But  a good companion of beans in Nigeria. You just have to mix the garri with water and add sugar if you like and relish it withyour cooked beans

Recipe for 5 servings

4 cups beans [brown or white]

1 onion [sliced or diced]

2 cooking spoons palm oil

2 cups of garri ijebu

sugar or honey to taste [optional]

A pinch of potash [optional]

Seasoning and salt to taste

3 red peppers [crushed or blended]


Make sure the beans are stone – free, wash them and bring to boil for 10 minutes. Drain off the water, return to the pot and add fresh water that will cook the food. A pinch of potash can be added to the boiling pot! Why? [it’s a general belief that potash helps to soften beans, although this is optional]. While the beans are cooking, add the sliced or diced onions, once this is done, the aroma of the food will change immediately. Continue to cook until the beans are very tender. Once you know they are tender, add the salt and seasonings to taste including a cooking spoon of palm oil. Allow to simmer for six minutes before adding other ingredients. Cover and simmer until the beans are ready. Remove from heat and serve while you quickly  pour the garri into another deep bowl. Add water to the garri, add sugar or honey to taste, stir and eat with the beans!


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