Recipe for 4 servings:

1 onion (crushed)

2 cups cocoyam (ede)

1 big bunch bitter leaf (shredded and washed)

1 kilogram beef and assorted meat

3 large mangala or okpo dry fish (washed)

1 large stockfish (washed)

3 tablespoons ground crayfish

1 teaspoon ground ogiri (locust beans)

2 cooking spoons palm oil

Salt and seasoning to taste

4 pieces cameroun or nsukka yellow pepper (crushed)

ofe-onugbu [ bitter leaf soup] with apku


Wash and season the meats. Add enough salt and onion. Cook until tender. Add the fish, stockfish and crayfish, including the seasonings and ogiri. Leave to cook properly to produce the stock. Add the crushed pepper to the pot.

Meanwhile, wash and halve the cocoyams, pour into a sizeable pot, add enough water to slightly cover the cocoyams and cook until very soft and pulpy. Remove from heat, drain off the water, peel of the bark and pound like yam until very smooth, scoop into a small plate and set aside.

Pour the palm oil into the meat pot. Cover until the colour becomes lighter. Add the cocoyam paste and cover the pot. Leave to cook until the paste has melted into a thick consistency.

Uncover, simmer, stir and add other ingredients (the soup must not be watery). Add the washed bitter leaves, stir gently and simmer fro three minutes. Taste for salt and pepper. Remove from heat and serve with akpu or pounded yam. Hmmnn, the taste is waoh!

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