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Fruit seller arrested for washing fruits with dirty water

Fruit seller caught in viral video washing mangoes with dirty water has been arrested (video)
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The internet today was hot and sizzling as the video and picture of a Nigerian man, a fruit seller was seen washing fruits with dirty gutter water in Lagos.

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Mixayaaemixiaaa [Egusi and Ogbono mix]

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Stolen frozen octopuses seized by Mozambique

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Mozambique has reportedly seized almost 20 tonnes of stolen frozen octopuses.

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Uniqueness of Ugba [African oil bean seed]

Ugba is a South Eastern word that is very common in Nigeria

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Abacha [African Salad]

African Salad is a Nigerian delicious staple delicacy, that is made from shredded cassava and most times eaten separately with the likes of potash and palm oil mixture, peppers, ground crayfish, as well as other locally sourced ingredients.

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Healthy Wheatmeal

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Nigeria is the most populous black country in the entire world.

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Ata Din-Din – Made in Nigeria

I choose to say that Ata din- din is a spicy stew, in fact, it is a very ‘hot’ peppered stew that is prepared in many homes in South-Western Nigeria.

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Pear is the fruit of the pear tree popularly known as (Pyrum Communis).

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Somalia’s delicious locusts

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Somalia is said to be facing its worst invasion of locusts in 25 years.

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Vegans and B12

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Experts are warning that people eating a vegan diet need to make sure they get enough B12.

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