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Okro Plantain Porridge

Ripe plantain porridge is the cooking of a delicious ripened or slightly ripened plantain.

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Guguru and Epa [Popcorn & Groundnut]

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How to prepare Achara soup on youtube

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How to prepare bitter leaf soup on you tube

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Gourmet Guide234 Kitchen is now on Youtube

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Rice farming in Nigeria

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About six million Nigerians, including youths, have reportedly ventured into rice farming in Nigeria.

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Plantain-full season

Plantain is a tropical plant that looks like a banana, but it is bigger than an average banana and contains more starch than a banana.

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Mashed Sweet Potatoes

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Recipe for 3 servings:

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Ukwa [African Breadfruit]

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My first encounter with Ukwa was when I traveled to Anambra State some years ago. That was between 1999 and 2004.

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Much ado about rice in Nigeria

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The price of rice, a staple consumed during festivities in Nigeria, has reportedly risen by over 29.41 percent since July.

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