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Fried sweet plantains with green veggies!

Green vegetables are very essential for our every day lives especially as we strive to do away with junk food. If you desire something nice for the weekend, try this quick recipe, it has the combination of the right nutrients of vitamins, cabohydrate and other balanced hmmmn, meedeemeedee…

Recipe for 6 servings

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Finished garden egg sauce
The New Year Is Here Again!  Special Thanks To The Good Soil We Enjoy In Nigeria! The Old Yams Are very sweet and tasty at this dry season. Care Must However Be Taken To Ensure That The Ones you choose to buy from the market  Are Firm, Good And Fine!    Yams Are Rich In Starch And This Meal Is Therefore Rich In Carbohydrate.

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Some Contents of the Magazine!

the cake!

the cake!

Cover 4

           Editorial Suite

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World Egg Day: Five EGG-Cellent Dishes You Can Try

In the  celebration of the world egg day, Gourmet guide has prepared a list of tasty egg dishes you can try. The egg may not necessarily be the major content of the meal, but it surely makes the dish excellent or as we say; Egg-cellent.

Fried sweet plantains with eggs

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