Needles found in Australian strawberries!

Photo – For over a week now, the scare over needles found in Australian strawberries, apples and bananas have continued to send jitters down the spines of not just Australians and the many places where the fruits are sold, but even other parts of the world! Please follow and like us:0


Good day Everyone, welcome to another exciting time on! Today, one of our dynamic chef Mr Ifedayo Emmanuel, who is a chef at Sherifyt Royale Hotel and suite, spoke to us on our food channel about a Mexican cuisine called Gaucamole Sauce and French toast. Please follow and like us:0


Yam is a household name in Nigeria! And the new yam season has however taken off in many parts of the most populous black nation of the world… special thanks to the fruitful and fertile land called NIGERIA. As a common name for some species in the genus Dioscorea family (Dioscoreaceae), this root vegetable is…

Tumeric Sauce and Basmati Rice!

Turmeric is a spice and a member of the rhizome family. In its raw form, it looks a bit like ginger root, but when it’s ground down it has a distinctive yellowish –  orange colour. Please follow and like us:0


Good day Everyone, welcome to another exciting time on!!!! Today on our delicacy news, one of us Adeyemi Jeremiah, an Agricultural Engineer interviewed Miss Adeola a final year student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomoso where she is studying Accountancy. She talked to us about a Nigerian meal called Egbo (Beans and Corn). Please…


  Good day everyone, welcome to another exciting time on Gourmetguide234! Today we will be talking about the LUNGUDA tribe from Adamawa state. The Lunguda are an ethnic group living in Adamawa and Gombe State in Nigeria. Please follow and like us:0

Food for Sickle Cell Patients!

Recently, precisely the  19th of June, the World celebrated World Sickle Cell Day, a  day set aside to identify with people who live with and manage sickle cell disease. Sickle Cell Disease is an inheritable and  genetic  disease causing red blood cells disorders which has been classified as sickle cell anemia. Please follow and like us:0

Russian Cabbage Salad

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another exciting time on! One of us, a seasoned Agric Engineer and foodie, Adeyemi Jeremiah, who is also a  great football lover,  in the spirit of football decided to open our eyes to the beauty of  Russian delicacies, especially owing to the fact that the ongoing 2018 World Cup is…


Jute or saluyot leaves are popularly known as Ewedu among the Yoruba, Ahihara amongst Ibos and Rama among the Hausa. Well, growing up in Lagos Nigeria, the name ‘ewedu’ was always ringing as  ‘crain-crain’. Anything you choose to call the leaves, it is pertinent to note that these leaves are used as good food sources…