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Behold Juicero !

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A US start-up that sells a wi-fi connected juicing machine for $399 (£310), has offered refunds after the gadget was mocked on social media.

Juicero makes the bulk of its sales by supplying pouches of pre-cut fruit and vegetables which fit the contraption. But the product was ridiculed by some after it emerged how the sachets could be squeezed just as easily by hand.

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Imagine a world without all these edibles!


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•Protects your heart
•prevents constipation
•Blocks diarrhea
•Improves lung capacity
•Cushions joints



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Rising cost of dietary food in Nigeria!

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Some traders have reportedly  attributed the rising cost of dietary foods in Nigeria to the rising awareness among Nigerians about healthy lifestyles.  The traders said most Nigerians were now aware of the importance of dietary foods to the body, hence the rising prices.

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Lime as a  vitamin enriched fruit is  said to be  used by many women as a family planning measure!

This is particularly common amongst some women  in Nigeria where  I come from. A particular woman told me that lime is usually mixed with kaun [potash] and when taken, especially after coitus, the result is a very effective anti – pregnancy move! Well, this is off the record!

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Nigeria is a great country! All kinds of food, fruits and snacks can be found in this most populous black country in the World.

Tiger nut is said to be a popular delicacy in Spain where it is known  Chufa .

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Facts on Cinnamon and Honey!

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This article was sent to the gourmet guide food channel on whatsapp by one of the group members Renn Emeka!

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Apple, botanically known as Malus domestica is a deciduous delicious fruit that is eaten as a healthy, pomaceous, crunchy fruit.

The tree is a member of  the rose family . Best known for its sweetness,  the tree are cultivated worldwide as a fruit tree, and is the most widely grown species in the genus Malus.

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4 Amazing Benefits OF Orange Fruit

As the saying goes ‘food is medicine’ or should we say ‘orange fruit is medicine’. This is because Fruits provide nutrients vital for the maintenance of the body.  They are also naturally low in fat, sodium and calories; with none having cholesterol.  One of such fruits is  rich in all the nutrients your body requires are oranges



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Soursop is a large  green coloured spotted  fruit that has a heart-like shape.

This tropical fruit is usually covered with small spine-shaped structures and is very common in Nigeria, especially Eastern Nigeria and other parts of Africa and the world. These include Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Cuba, Central America, Peru, Brazil and Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.

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