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World Food Programme wins Nobel Peace Prize

The World Food Programme (WFP) has won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

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Nigeria at 60: food & agric

Every October 1, Nigeria as the most populous black nation in the world always celebrates her national Independence with pomp and splendor.

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Jollof Rice Day

Wow, today is Jollof Rice Day.

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Homemade Alocco sauce tomate au maquereau

This is Alocco sauce tomate au maquereau !😋It is an Ivorian delicacy😋that was posted to the Gourmet Guide Food Channel by a journalist and foodie, Ali Kabre.

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COVID-19: eat weight loosing and immune boosting edibles

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…pink grape fruits

I have observed that the effect of the corona virus pandemic, COVID-19 and the lock-down has resulted in excess weight gain for a whole lot of people.

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Made in Isreal

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All the way from Israel, we graciously received some exotic and natural food products to distribute to as many foodies who are interested who want to have a feel of what israeli food and agro products look like.

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Domino pizza and criticism

Domino’s Pizza has reportedly dropped a promotion offering free pizza to women named Karen after it was met with a backlash.

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Eating rotten shawarma leads to child’s death

A child has reportedly died and more than 800 people taken to hospital after falling ill with food poisoning after eating at a restaurant outside Jordan’s capital.

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Cadbury packs to shrink by 2020

Cadbury to make chocolate bars smaller to cut calories: Full list ...

All Cadbury chocolate bars sold in multipacks will shrink by the end of 2021 to reduce their calorie count.

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Fish Okro and Ewedu Mix

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Fresh Okro soup is a cannot-do -without this period. This is because of the need to boost the immunity of the body and the need to cut down on belly fat and excess weight that most foodies have gathered during this COVID -19 lockdown period.

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