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Made in Isreal

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All the way from Israel, we graciously received some exotic and natural food products to distribute to as many foodies who are interested who want to have a feel of what israeli food and agro products look like.

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Greggs to reopen 800 stores

This Wildly Popular Vegan Sausage Roll Boosted British Bakery ...

Greggs, the British high street bakers, is planning to reopen about 800 shops for takeaways on Thursday – and the rest of its 2,050 or so outlets from early July.

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Mixayaaemixiaaa [Egusi and Ogbono mix]

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Healthy Wheatmeal

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Nigeria is the most populous black country in the entire world.

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Celebrating Innovative Entrepreneurs

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Innovative entrepreneurial skills @ World Food Celebration 2019

Showcasing already made cake mix by the Manager, Cake Flair
Exhibiting Long rich products at the event

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World Food Day 2019

A chat with the innovative entrepreneurs at the event.
A chat with one of the innovative entrepreneurs at the event

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