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.... warm plate of vegetable soup [Edikaiikong... proudly Nigerian]

…. warm plate of vegetable soup [Edikaiikong… proudly Nigerian]

 As the new begins to unfold, I suddenly discovered that there plenty of NIGERIAN SOUPS  I have in my archives that I have not share with you. 

Infact, I observed that as I begin to write about these Nigerian delicacies from the North, South, East and West of this most populous black nation in the world, one way or the other, green vegetables of assorted type are mixed with these soups!

Green vegetables are unarguably the most important colour to include in our meals. This is because they are rich in fibre, iron and many other healthy nutrients.

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The sweet smell of CHRISTMAS!

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Always Remember to Eat Right!

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Most Expensive Burger!



Reports say the most Expensive Burger Cost Five $5,000 Thousand Dollars…

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The ART of Cake Making In Nigeria… Great Lucrative Skill!


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world food day 2015

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Recipe for 4 servings

• 1 cup of chopped cooked ham

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World Jollof Rice Day!

jollof rice

…jollof rice and turkey meat… proudly Nigerian!

Waoh, August 22nd is known all over the world as WORLD JOLLOF RICE DAY!. Its a time to enjoy all kinds of made – in – nigeria – jollof rice! Look at some pictures and prepare any of them in your kitchen!

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