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Ukwa [African Breadfruit]

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My first encounter with Ukwa was when I traveled to Anambra State some years ago. That was between 1999 and 2004.

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National Stiffing Day

National Stuffing Day

National Stuffing Day is celebrated every November 21st. It is said to be an ideal day.

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National Gingerbread Cookie Day

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On impulse, I decided to check this site, and I discovered that today is an amazing foodicious day!

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Needle found in strawberry in New Zealand Supermarket

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A needle was found inside a punnet of strawberries on sale in a New Zealand supermarket. This is the second of such incident in recent months. The strawberries were bought at a Fresh Choice supermarket in Geraldine, a town on the South Island.

This comes after a nationwide scare in Australia which saw almost 200 reports of needle-contaminated strawberries.

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Fish that can repair heart tissues in humans

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A study has asserted that a fish that can repair its heart may hold clues for future treatments in people.

According to the BBC, scientists studying the Mexican tetra fish found three areas of the fish genome were involved in its ability to regenerate heart tissue. One gene however appeared to play a particularly key role in the process.

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Esusu delicacy!


Asusu or Esusu, this for me means the same thing, although,  I prefer to say ESUSU!

Esusu is a corn meal delicacy that is very common in Abia state.

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Swiss proposal on food!

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Voters in Switzerland have overwhelmingly rejected two proposals on ethical and sustainable food.

Final results of the two nationwide polls show that more than 60% of people voted against them.

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Natural way to burn belly-fat!

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Burning belly fat is a big deal any day! Ask those who trying and doing everything possible to shed off some fat from their tummies /bellies!

They will tell you that it is not easy. I have observed that apart from all kinds of cardiovascular exercises, food, that is what we eat, play a vital role in the body, especially in determining whether one will shed excess fat or not.

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Good day Everyone, welcome to another exciting time on!

Today, one of our dynamic chef Mr Ifedayo Emmanuel, who is a chef at Sherifyt Royale Hotel and suite, spoke to us on our food channel about a Mexican cuisine called Gaucamole Sauce and French toast.

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Price of bread in Nigeria increases!

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The Premium Bread Makers Association of Nigeria have warned that the price of bread may soon increase.

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