Children and Food

Every year, precisely, May 27, is known as a beautiful day that usually sends butterflies to children.

This is because of the celebration of the annual Children’s Day Celebration in Nigeria, the most populous black nation in the world.

Children’s Day celebration in Nigeria is an international holiday that was first established in Nigeria in 1964.

Although it is not a public holiday in Nigeria and businesses would usually stay open, children are, in many cases, given a day off from school to celebrate with their families.

As the celebration bell rings, the nutritional excellence of every child should not be ignored or swept under the carpet.

For the Nigerian child, good food with great nutritional value should be the key. Parents and Guardians should be able to examine the health benefits of every food, so as to give out the best to their children and young ones

For Gourmet Guide234, it is pertinent to look at the kind of food children will love to relish on such a day and even other days.

Our reporters conducted some interviews and with some findings and research, we compiled the following nice meals. Go through and find which is best for your child.

Many parents wonder about their child/children’s food timetables. With the combination, of these meals and food, you can set a good food time to suit your children’s taste and well-being.

Children can be encouraged to eat food that is rich in nutritional value and these include vegetables, fresh fruits, milk, cheese, lean meats, bread eggs and whole-grain cereals. But it’s best for them to avoid too much sweets as well as sugared beverages and junk food.

The list is quite long – ripe plantain porridge, okro – plantain pottage, Jollof rice, fried rice, coconut rice, white rice and stew, boiled yam and scrambled eggs, fried or boiled plantains and scrambled eggs, noodles and boiled eggs, fried Irish potatoes, all kinds of salad, and many others.

Also on the list are all kinds of cereals with milk, bananas, rice and beef stew, oranges and their juice, apple and or apple juice, okro soup, ogbono soup or ewedu with any swallow like eba, fufu, amala, lafu, cassava flour, tuwo, ground rice and semo amongst others.

Others are chips, sausages and chocolate. According to a cross-generational study, they are the best-loved children’s foods of the past 60 years. Researchers looked at the eating habits of today’s children, those of their parents – and of their grandparents when they were young.

We have the likes of mashed potato puree, mashed potato and butter, buttered toast bread and boiled egg, noodles and spaghetti with chicken stew, beans, beans cake akara], beans pudding [moimoi], beans and plantain porridge, quaker Oats with milk and honey or little sugar.

Children can snack on ijebu garri with milk and groundnuts, akara, moimoi, avocado puree, ojojo, fried crispy yam, bread and butter, yoghurt, popcorn, all kinds of nuts like groundnuts, cashew nuts, almond nuts and peanuts, fruit smoothies, healthy sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, milk, healthy homemade ice cream, peanut butter, oatmeals, and many others.


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