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A recent report has shown that China’s university students still lack the knowledge about laws, regulations and materials concerning food safety.

The report jointly released by the country’s major economy website, the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology and the Sharpen Research Institute, is based on an online quiz conducted at universities in 31 provincial-level regions from July to November 2018.

It showed that university students know the most about food safety related to beverages and alcohol.

Questions on the sources and production of food materials saw the highest error rate, according to the report.

As for categories, the students were more unfamiliar with the laws and regulations, bakery products, packing materials and sweeteners in terms of food safety.

Over 32.8 per cent of them failed to give the correct definition of a food safety incident.

While stronger action has been taken on the back of a number of notorious food safety incidents in recent months, it is equally important to further popularise knowledge on food safety and raise people’s awareness.

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