Customs discover smuggled pills instead of food

Qatar customs foil attempt to smuggle prohibited pills in food cans

Doha: Customs of Air Cargo and Private Airports has foiled an attempt to smuggle the prohibited Lyrica pills into the country.  

Reports say 2,805 Lyrica pills were found stuffed inside food cans in a shipment.

This was following the suspicion of a customs inspector in the postal parcels department. 

The General Authority of Customs (GAC) tweeted this and revealed that the pills were seized after a customs official suspected and checked a cargo with four packages.

The banned pills were hidden inside a women’s clothing parcel and tightly wrapped to avoid detection via x-ray scanners.    

The authority has been issuing a continuous warning to those attempting to carry illegal substances into the country.

Customs officials in the country are provided all means of support including developed means of systems and continuous training.

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